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Final day of Term 2 information

Final day of Term 2 information

Author: Dave Pavish
Author Role: Assistant Principal

Final Day of Term

The school term will finish at 3.10pm on Friday 21 June. We are once again looking forward to the Talent Show. It is an enjoyable event and is always well supported by the staff and the student body.

The final day of term is also a Non-Uniform Day and, for the cost of a gold coin, students may come to school out of uniform in support of Anglicare Homelessness Projects. The students will be encouraged to wear winter woollies and will be informed of the dress guidelines in the lead-up to the day.

The end of term is the best time to take stock of school hats. Homeroom teachers and Heads of House will talk to students whose hats need to be cleaned or reblocked. Please contact the Uniform Shop for more information. If College bags or backpacks need to be replaced, they can be purchased from the Uniform Shop over the holidays.

With school photographs taking place during the final week of term, I would like to remind you of our policy regarding hair. Hair should be kept neat and tidy at all times and free of colour and hair products (as outlined in the Student Diary). Please ensure your child’s strict adherence to this policy.