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Feedback on College direction

Feedback on College direction

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Principal

This year we have commenced our next phase of Strategic Thinking, which again is intended to build on and enhance our past success. Our working theme is Developing World and Work-Ready Individuals, with five identified working pillars:

Teaching and Learning

  • a program that encourages excellence in effort and performance
  • the soft and hard skills required to thrive in the current communities and workplaces
  • a strong emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurial skills
  • technologically enhanced pedagogies
  • pedagogical practices that provide a range of effective learning experiences to students

Wellbeing and Personal Growth

  • emphasis on the development of a moral and ethical compass within each of our students
  • overt character development focus, strongly founded in the principles and traditions of the Anglican Church
  • ensuring personal wellbeing through appropriate strategies and support
  • providing opportunity for personal passions development

Community Connectedness

  • high levels of engagement with families and the broader community in the life of the College
  • a service mentality that creates a sense of community service in all
  • a commitment to Christian mission
  • Sustainability–Facilities, Structures and Resources
  • ensure the College’s facilities meet our present and future educational needs
  • review the College’s organisational structures to maximise the effective use of both physical and human resources
  • refinement of the College’s ICT strategy and strengthening of partnerships with external providers


  • a continued focus on good governance and compliance principles
  • ensuring the College maintains its position as a leader in the areas of Child Safety

An infographic to summarise our current thinking around the concept of World and Work-Ready is included below and will be shared and discussed at a College level in the coming weeks.

I am also seeking parental input into our Strategic Thinking, and I ask parents to provide their feedback via the link below. I look forward to collating this feedback and engaging further with our community as we clarify and develop this vision and the actions required to enact it.

The Parent Strategic Thinking 2019 Survey is open until 12noon, Friday 31 May 2019.

Throughout Semester 1, the College has reviewed the structure of our Life and Faith faculty. As a result of this review, I am pleased to inform you that Ms Maria Thompson will be moving into the role of Head of Faculty–Life and Faith from the commencement of Term 3. Ms Thompson has been involved in a number of Anglican Schools Commission committees and has contributed to the development of the Religious Education programs that underpin our offerings here at CHAC. As a result of this, I am pleased to announce that Ms Madeleine Wallas will be moving into the role of Acting Head of House–St Helena for Semester 2. While Mr John Gothard is on Long Service Leave in Term 3, Mr Matthew Small will be stepping into the role of Head of House–Moreton. I wish all well in their new ventures.

From Monday 27 May, the Enterprise Centre will open Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm-5.00pm for Years 10, 11 and 12 students to use as a study area. Guidelines have been sent to all students to ensure the effective use of this space. We look forward to students taking the opportunity to both collaborate and work independently in this very conducive learning environment.

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