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Farewell Seiryo

Farewell Seiryo

On Tuesday morning, we said goodbye to the 23 students and two teachers from our sister-school, Seiryo High school in Japan, who have been visiting us for the last 10 days. A big thank you to all the generous CHAC families who so kindly welcomed students into their homes. Judging from the happy faces around campus last week, it has been a wonderful experience all round.

During their visit to CHAC, the students attended English conversation classes, went to regular lessons with their buddies, got up close to some Australian wildlife, played volleyball in the Tuggerah at lunchtime and played Japanese games with Year 2 students in Primary. For the CHAC students studying Japanese, the visit has provided a unique opportunity to try out their language skills in an authentic way.

It will be our turn to visit Seiryo in September this year, on the CHAC Japan Tour, and we look forward to strengthening the friendships made during the Seiryo visit these last two weeks.

This week is also the last week for our long-term Japanese exchange student, Kazuki Watanabe. Kazuki has been hosted by the families of two CHAC Bursary recipients from 2017, Ciaran Komarakul-Green and Emily Somerfield, and has enjoyed discovering the many differences between school in Australia and Japan. She gave a most insightful speech on Assembly last week, which beautifully illustrated some of these points. Please read her speech here.

Farewell speech given on Assembly, Friday 16 March

I’m Kazuki Watanabe. I’ve been at CHAC as an exchange student.
Since I arrived here, I have found many differences between Japan and Australia.
For example, there are very big lizards in this school. At first, I was really surprised.
But now, I’ve gotten used to looking at them.
Especially, I was very impressed to debate things in class.
In Japan, when we take classes, we don’t debate anything, we just write notes or listen.
It is so quiet. And we don’t use a laptop for most classes at my school, so I found this a big difference in education.
Firstly, at CHAC we have a morning tea. We can concentrate on studying because we can take a rest.
Secondly, we can learn lots of things here, such as music, drama, technology and so forth. I think CHAC is like being at university in Japan.
Finally, we can spend time with students of different ages. In Japan, students have to show respect to senior people.
However, in Australia, students are very outgoing and friendly, and they are talking and playing sport with students in different years, which is incredible in Japan.
It is really good. Thank you so much to Mrs.Nakamura and Mrs.Bell.
I really appreciate all. It’s precious experience for me. I’ll never forget the time I spent here. Thank you.

Kazuki Watanabe, exchange student from Seiryo High School, March 2018

Peta Nakamura
Coordinator: Japanese