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Farewell from Rev. Sarah

Farewell from Rev. Sarah

Author: Sarah Leisemann
Author Role: Chaplain and Director of Mission

Dear Parents, students and friends of CHAC

Every year, I talk to the Year 12 students about ‘leaving well’. I invite them to reflect on the years that have passed, to give thanks for the many, many blessings they have received, and to let go of any regret, hurt or disappointment they may be feeling. Now, it is time to take some of my own advice!

I have been so blessed to be a part of this community for over a decade. I have made lifelong friends, learnt so much about myself, and grown in mind and spirit. The students have taught me many things, and I have had some hilarious moments that still make me laugh until I cry retelling the stories. I wonder if anyone besides Mrs Duvenage and me remember the time I found graffiti on the font when it was stored in the senior Life and Faith room and I had to ‘erase’ it?! And the time the drop-in room in D1 became a mini-casino under my watch? And even this year with my Year 7s and our correspondence with Professor Mark Roll? There is so much fun to be had when we are open to laughing at ourselves a little.

To the parents of CHAC – keep being parents. Thank you for trusting us with your children. Our task is so much easier when we set strong boundaries at home and manage them with love. Thank you to all those parents who have supported me in my ministry and teaching over the years and allowed me to accompany your children on their spiritual journey.

To the past students of CHAC – don’t forget what you were called to do at your Valedictory. Be women and men of courage and compassion. Be leaders wherever you find yourself, showing integrity and creativity as you solve the problems you face. The world needs your light.

To the current students of CHAC – you create the culture of your College. What you tolerate and imitate will become normal, so always demand the best of yourselves and your peers. Use your words with great care, because you can do so much harm with a thoughtless throwaway line. Community is everything. Put away your phones and grow face to face relationships because loneliness is the great illness of our time and only authentic belonging will be the cure.

May God bless this community always. St Francis once said, “If God can use me, God can use anybody.” This is no less true for me. God can use each of us to shape the world. In our brokenness and our humility, God’s goodness is revealed. I look forward to gathering in the Chapel on Sunday to give thanks for all our beautiful, broken lives, and to offer them one last time in this place to God’s grace.

Pax et Bonum. May peace and all that is good truly fill our days.

All my love, Rev.