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Enterprise Centre Program Launched

Enterprise Centre Program Launched

Year 7 Challenge Program

Next week, as their first experience in the brand new Enterprise Centre, our Year 7s will undertake The CHAC Challenge, a special program aimed at helping develop 21st century skills in our youngest Junior Secondary students. The innovative three-day program will run from Monday to Wednesday in the last week of Year 7 students’ first term at the College, and will expose them to a range of skills and knowledge necessary for success now and into the future. Students will participate in activities aimed at improving personal self-awareness and their skills in collaborative teamwork, as well as their capacity for creative idea generation through the design process. They will finally be required to communicate persuasively and produce promotional materials to sell their idea to an audience of teachers, parents and peers at the culminating event, an Ideas Market from 12noon to 1pm on Wednesday afternoon.

This program represents a truly cross-disciplinary collaboration of staff within the College, with presentations from teaching staff across the Business, ITD, English, Art, Science and Humanities Faculties, as well as staff supervision from every Faculty over the three days.

We hope that students thoroughly enjoy The CHAC Challenge, while at the same time gaining valuable knowledge and experience that should serve them well as they move ahead at the College and into their life beyond formal schooling.

UQ Entrepreneurship Program

Attention aspiring entrepreneurs! The College is delighted to announce an exciting initiative focused on developing the entrepreneurship skills of our students, in collaboration with the University of Queensland’s IdeasHub and Business Faculty. The UQ Entrepreneurship Program, comprising four content modules, will be presented on Thursday afternoons (2.30pm to 4.30pm) over Weeks 3 to 6 of Term 2. The modules will be delivered by UQ MBA program academic and UQ IdeasHub Relationship Manager, Ms Cayetana Martinez.

Interested students in Years 9 to 12 are invited to apply for inclusion in this exciting opportunity by responding to an email that will be sent next week to students and parents. Applications will close at the end of Week 1, Term 2.

IT: Girls in Tech Launch

This week, the College launched Tech Girls, a program aimed at giving girls access to technology and programs to build their skills and confidence in this domain. The program will run in both Primary and Secondary, and operates by involving real life female role models – women working in STEM, as mentors.

Tech Girls has as its visionary aim the engagement of 10,000 girls in STEM Entrepreneurship by 2020. CHAC hopes to add our numbers to this target by involving our girls in the Tech Girls’ Movement’s annual online Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Competition to help solve important community problems with technology skills and business acumen. 

Our thanks go to Ms Amanda Rodgers, CEO of WK Digital and Tech Girls Movement Board Member, who has reached out to the College to help launch our involvement, and as a valuable mentor for our girls. We also thank Ms Sara Grigg, our in-house IT expert, for her ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for CHAC students in this crucial, future-focused domain, and Ms Penny Cummins for her support of this initiative.

Barbara Mossman
Coordinator: Gifted and Enterprise Education