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English is dramatic too

English is dramatic too

Author: Eve Hassall
Author Role: Head of Faculty - English

Year 9 English students have recently commenced their drama unit. Students viewed Unfiltered, presented by the shake & stir Theatre Co. Unfiltered is a short play which consists of monologues, duologues and three-character interactions. This play examines a range of contemporary social issues including peer pressure, cyberbullying, online addictions, social media, individuality and the consequences of actions. For their assessment, students are required to create an imaginative response to the play. To cater for individual differences, students may choose to present their assessment as either a scripted additional scene for the play or a spoken monologue.

To support students’ ability to develop and present their monologues, students were invited to participate in a masterclass with Johnny Balbuziente from shake & stir. The students who attended the masterclass thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Oliver Cameron, one of our Year 9 participants commented: "Johnny was great to work with and gave us many insightful tips on how to relate to and develop our characters. I believe everyone there had fun and has taken away some new useful information on acting."

Earlier in the semester, our Year 12 students viewed Bad Lads to support their study of Hamlet and Macbeth, while our Year 10 students viewed Bard Wired to further develop their understanding of Romeo and Juliet or The Merchant of Venice.

In the English Faculty, we believe the experience of seeing theatre live on stage not only brings drama texts to life, but adds joy and understanding to the study of English.

Eve Hassall

Head of English