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Engaging English Students

Engaging English Students

On Wednesday 18 July students in Year 7 and 11 were entertained by a group of talented actors from Poetry in Action.

The Year 7s viewed The Poet’s Quest, a collage drama which focused on the power and beauty of poetry, while teaching about the essential poetic elements of rhyme, rhythm, imagery and theme. Students thoroughly enjoyed the production, as they travelled with the central characters through time and met insightful and amusing poets from the past, present and future. This production was an excellent introduction to the students’ poetry unit, which they will commence later this term.

The Year 11s viewed Fact vs Fiction, a thought provoking presentation which included excerpts from film, poetry, television and real life, aimed to develop students’ skills in critical literacy. The actors encouraged students to question and challenge the information presented to them in contemporary society.

Year 11 student, Oliver Lindsay commented, “Poetry in Action presented a fast paced, engaging performance that I think really prompted a discussion about the quality and reliability of the information we’re receiving through the media and it did so in a comedic and entertaining way.”

Eve Hassall
Head of Faculty: English