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Empowering Theatre for Drama Students

Empowering Theatre for Drama Students

Last Monday, both the Years 10 and 11 Drama classes assembled in the Auditorium to view a production of April's Fool by Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe, for our upcoming analytical essay. April's Fool retold the true story of Kristjan Terauds, a boy from Toowoomba who died from a drug overdose at a festival in 2009. The verbatim production consisted of dialogue from interviews, medical documents and the actual reports used in Kristjan's case. The performance showed us how important and impactful drama and the arts can be in communicating messages that make us stop and think.


This performance particularly resonated with us a teenage audience, and it encouraged us to consider the impact of our choices on others around us. We are all looking forward to writing our essay on the performance.


Samantha Cooper,Year 10


On Monday 30 April, Years 11 and 12 Drama students travelled to La Boite Theatre to see the performance The Village as part of our current Drama studies. The Village is an interesting compilation of refugee recounts told by those who have experienced being displaced due to war or persecution. This particular style of theatre is known as Verbatim, meaning it was constructed from precise words spoken by real people.

Because these retellings were so truthful and compelling, the performance was not only enjoyable but inspiring. It was staged in five different locations which the audience cycled through; this is called Promenade Theatre and was an intriguing new experience as we were able to understand the displacement felt by refugees. After watching and reliving the difficult ordeals, I gained so much respect and a new understanding of what they had to endure.

Eve Roberts, Year 11