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Ekka Show Stopper visits CHAC

Ekka Show Stopper visits CHAC

Year 10 Introduction to Accounting and Business students were introduced to the challenges of running a mature business, when Mr Brendan Christou, CEO of the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA), visited class on Thursday.

Mr Christou spoke about the challenges of revitalising the RNA to maintain relevance and profitability. Repositioning the EKKA brand and developing new products has been a key focus. Mr Christou also discussed the redevelopment of the RNA site, a process started by former CEO, Mr Jonathan Tunny. Year 10 students have had the opportunity to learn from Mr Tunny this term, while he provides teaching relief for Mr Russell.

The presentation included advice to students who are in the process of developing their own feasibility studies for start-up businesses. While the RNA is a 142 year-old institution, Mr Christou emphasised similarities in strategic planning for start-ups and mature businesses. Both need to be clear about the problem they are trying to solve and the needs of their customers. The opportunity for Year 10 students to hear about the real-world challenges facing mature businesses reflects CHAC’s curriculum and its focus on understanding businesses in terms of their position in their life cycle.

Year 11 Business Management students are also busy researching the RNA and its business strategies to prepare a marketing presentation. These students will present a hypothetical pitch advising the EKKA on how it can extend its product mix to offer new value to adolescents.

Penny Cummins
Head of Faculty - Business