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Educational futurist CHAC Talk provides food for thought

Educational futurist CHAC Talk provides food for thought

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

Hope for the future through positivity, action and harnessing the power of emerging technologies were the powerful messages behind education futurist Tony Ryan's address to 200 members of our College community at the second in our 2019 CHAC Talk series.

Tony bases his arguments on the premise that life for humanity is as good as it has ever been, backed up by research and statistics showing improvements in the extent of world poverty, education, and health. This flies in the face of predominantly negative messages directed at young people about the state of the world and its inhabitants. He argues that this prevailing negative messaging is cause for concern, because if children focus on this barrage of negative messages, they can become despondent about their capacity to do anything to alter the course of the future.

In essence, the main focus of the evening’s CHAC Talk was that in order to have hope for the future, young people need to have a sense of their own capacity to make a difference. They need to have practise in problem-solving and helping address issues they care about. With the launch of Year 9’s Social Enterprise Program next week, that builds on subjects such as Changing Tomorrow, CHAC is already proactively seeking to nurture this change agent mindset in our students, so it was reassuring to see that we are already singing from Tony’s 'songbook'.

The other area of emphasis in Tony Ryan’s CHAC Talk was the capacity of rapidly-evolving and emerging technologies to change our lives for the better and provide answers for current problems we are facing. This was also a message of “can-do” to our students, encouraging them to engage with technology and harness its power for good.

Thank you to those parents, students, staff and other members of the community who attended. We look forward to providing further thought-provoking presentations in our CHAC Talk series at future events.