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Debate season starts with success

Debate season starts with success

Author: Lauren Leslie
Author Role: Debating Coordinator

CHAC couldn't have made a better start to the QDU Brisbane Secondary Competition:

Mr John Featherstone's team 9.1 (Toby Chippendale, Jacob Duncan, Sidney Marshall, Willem Heaton, and Liam Beyers) secured a 1 point win against Ormiston, and Ms Grace Newman's team 9.2 (Jude Cierpicki, George Coburn, Billy Meng, Ella Chesterfield and Callie Bannister) enjoyed a convincing 5 point victory against Villanova. The topic up for debate was that schools should offer 'e-sports' as an extra curricular activity. Team 9.1 were arguing the negative and team 9.2 were arguing the affirmative side of the topic in their respective debates.

Mrs Eve Hassall's team 11.1 (Audrey Davidson, Redmond Marshall, Lily Chippendale, Sarah Leonard and Charli Theil) also emerged victorious from their Round 1 debate against Churchie. The team secured a 4 point win over their opponents arguing in the affirmative that politicians should be paid the Australian median full-time wage. Their coach believes the team owed their convincing win to thorough research and specific examples that allowed them to explore the topic from a practical and real-world perspective, rather than simply theoretical. She also praised first speaker Audrey Davidson's performance on the night, stating "Audrey is a Year 10 student debating in the Year 11 competition; to make the jump from the Year 9 level competition last year to points of information in Year 11 and cope so confidently is a real achievement."

In other debating news, the Debate Captains for 2021 were announced during Monday's assembly. Congratulations to Claudia Persal and Brodie Kealley. Ms Katherine Hart's Year 12 team (Claudia Persal, Brodie Kealley, Sam Clark, and Juliet Munro) were also presented with their CHAC notebooks during assembly and we wish them all the best as they prepare for their Round 1 debate against St. Laurie's on Wednesday 3 March, where they will be arguing the negative side of the topic that we should not allow donations to universities to be conditional upon the teaching of a particular world view.