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Cyber Byte - Primary school holiday update

Cyber Byte - Primary school holiday update

Author: Anita Spencer
Author Role: Deputy Director of Primary

Top Tips for the Holidays

  1. Ask permission first - there are no secrets online.
  2. Ask for help with your devices - while tech is fun, have a responsible adult to help you set it up and make sure your privacy is ok.
  3. Turn off friend requests and stop the fuss - never accept friend request from someone you don’t know
  4. Agreed friend list - make sure your parents to sit with you and help you connect to your friends list.
  5. Sleep is more important than gaming - you compete better after regular sleep.
  6. Use your devices in open spaces - do not use devices in your bedroom or behind closed doors unless supervised by your parents or carers.
  7. Time away is bae! - More Green time! This will help you in many ways, it will help you feel better and be more creative! Why don’t you cook? Make slime? Build something? Walk the dog?

Remember your basic online skills:

Internet BIRDS

  • Block
  • Ignore (or mute)
  • Report
  • Don’t feed the trolls
  • Share it with a responsible adult

Find out more at eSafety Kids or Kids Helpline.