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Creativity on Show in Year 10 CHAC Tank Program

Creativity on Show in Year 10 CHAC Tank Program

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

The ingenuity and problem-solving skills of our Year 10 cohort were evident last week when students participated in CHAC Tank, a College Enterprise Education program designed to develop entrepreneurship skills. CHAC-Tank was conducted over three extremely busy days during Activity Week in the Enterprise Centre.

Year 10 students participated in activities aimed at improving self-awareness and collaborative teamwork skills, as well as their capacity for creative idea generation. All teams were challenged to develop an innovative idea, with teams finally required to communicate persuasively via a promotional video, print concept and “elevator pitch” to sell their idea to a panel of judges, in a “Shark Tank-style” format, known as CHAC-Tank

Past student Vu Tran (2006) captured students’ attention from the outset, opening the program with the story of the entrepreneurship journey he travelled with a few mates from student days at CHAC to develop a highly successful international online-training business, Go1. Alumni also featured in the popular Panel session on the second day, with seven past students returning to share their career stories and give Year 10s the advice they wish they could have given their Year 10 selves, prior to leaving school (Tim Andrews, James Whiting, Dan Stennet, Melinda Trezise, David Strain, Megan Masterson and Ben Osborne).

Year 10 engaged enthusiastically with the challenge and worked together to develop some impressive and innovative ideas that ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, including:

  • Convertible speaker headphones;
  • An app teaching teens life-skills;
  • An app connecting teens with part-time casual employment;
  • A life-saving oxygen-delivery device for extreme water sport athletes; The Vacci-Taxi immunisation service for the homeless; and
  • A smart toilet paper dispenser ensuring that households never “run out”.

Students appeared to embrace the skills development aim of the program and the opportunity to work both creatively and collaboratively.

The College is aware that now is the time that Year 10 students typically begin to seriously consider their strengths and potential future pathways prior to selecting subjects for Years 11 and 12. The Year 10 CHAC-Tank Challenge Program was therefore timely, focused as it was on the skills and aptitudes needed to successfully transition into the world of work. 

Thanks are due to the many staff who made the program possible, whether involved in workshop delivery, supervision or materials organisation.