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Continuous Reporting and Feedback Launch

Continuous Reporting and Feedback Launch

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Data and Strategy

At CHAC, we believe effective feedback is a critical component in driving student learning. After extensive testing throughout 2018, the College is preparing to launch a continuous student reporting and feedback system, which will allow parents, students and teachers to view assessment results and teacher feedback on an ongoing basis.

The Learning Analytics suite will be rolled out across all subect areas for Years 7 to 10 students in Week 2. A modified version will be available for the new Year 11 curriculum, and Year 12 students will continue to receive the traditional Semester Report.

The new model will allow parents to view results for recent assessment items, as well as read a summary of the teacher’s instrument-specific feedback, without waiting until an end of semester report or a Parent-Teacher interview. It also allows students to access and reflect on their previous results and teacher feedback as they prepare for their next assessment items.  Learning Analytics ensures assessment feedback is available to parents in a secure online environment - one of its major advantages.

When returning assessment tasks, teachers will provide students with detailed instrument-specific feedback that highlights strengths, areas of improvement and strategies for future learning. Students will then record this feedback into their personal assessment reflection area of the Learning Analytics suite, enabling all stakeholders (parents, students and teachers) to keep up-to-date with assessment outcomes. The College’s goal is to have all assessment instruments returned to students within three weeks of their submission, allowing parents to access feedback and results in a more timely fashion.

The online assessment information contained in Learning Analytics is not designed to replace the College’s Semester Report, but rather to complement it by providing a more detailed picture to parents. Feedback on pastoral matters will continue to be delivered via the traditional Semester Reports.

In implementing this new continuous reporting and feedback model, our aim is to increase parents’ connectedness with the College and their child’s education, while demonstrating the College’s ongoing commitment to supporting each individual students’ learning. We believe this new process will support parents as they seek to understand teacher judgements of student work against assessment-task criteria, and potentially reduce the need for parents to seek this feedback at a Parent-Teacher interview.

To assist the College community as we move to this new reporting platform, we are preparing a range of resources that will provide details on how to access individual student reports via the Learning Analytics link on the website and in Student Café. These resources will be available prior to Learning Analytics going live.

To ensure this system meets student learning needs, we welcome your feedback on this aspect of learning and seek your comments on ways to improve student reporting.