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Confirmation - invitation to participate

Confirmation - invitation to participate

Author: Sarah Leisemann
Author Role: Chaplain and Director of Mission

Confirmation is the rite in which a young person makes their own personal decision to be a Christian. Many of us were baptised as young children, and our parents and Godparents had the responsibility to nurture our faith. At some point, that responsibility transfers to us as individuals, and Confirmation allows young people to show that they have taken that upon themselves.

Students in Years 10 to 12 are invited to think about being prepared for Confirmation. The Confirmation service will be held on Sunday 15 September at 5pm in the Chapel.

The preparation consists of four group sessions, and some personal reading and reflection. The group will gather when it suits those who are interested. Please make contact if you or your son or daughter would like more information. An invitation has been sent to students directly.