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College Backpack Review

College Backpack Review

College backpack review

A review of the College backpack was conducted by the Uniform Shop in July of this year. The purpose of the review was to compare backpacks and trolley bags. Information was sought from Spartan and Mountcastle, two large national bag suppliers, as well as two local schools, Moreton Bay College and San Sisto College (these collages offer a trolley bag option to specific year levels).

The review concluded that the load-bearing backpack we currently offer is the still the best option for students at CHAC who need to be able to navigate uneven terrain and get to and from the College by public and private transport. The current offering of trolley bags are too big for our lockers and neither of the suppliers are encouraging about recommending them as an option, as they are not ergonomically endorsed (unlike the current backpack CHAC offers); injuries can occur due to flipping or twisting on uneven ground. Both Spartan and Mountcastle also report a high rate of handle and wheel repairs to trolley bags within twelve months of purchase. The Heads of House and Homeroom teachers will continue to advise the students about organising their backpacks to reduce the weight of what they carry to and from school each day. Please contact the College if you would like more information about the review.

Dave Pavish
Assistant Principal