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Classroom Capers - Year 6

Classroom Capers - Year 6

Author: Robin Laisby
Author Role: Year 6 Teacher

CHAC Champs

Jack Kinivan: For his increased confidence in sharing his understanding to the class.

Arshia Bhat: For always being willing to assist.

Oliver Johnson: For demonstrating a love of learning this term within HaSS.

Mariella Payne: For her impressive grasp of deeper concepts within literacy.

Charlotte Davison: Excellent independent work showing her confidence of reflection in maths.

Ryan Collings: For using a range of compelling writing styles and genres within his homework.



It has been an eventful start to the term with Year 6 participating in a range of events with many more to look forward to as the term progresses.

One of the main highlights was the two-day, Year 7 Orientation. Many students were bursting with excitement to meet the many new faces that will be joining the College next year. Students were provided with opportunities to meet their Heads of Houses, participate in a Q&A with current Year 9 students and trial for Semester 1, 2021 sports. It was fantastic to see students step outside their comfort zone and introduce themselves to new students as well make some positive first impressions.

On Friday, students actively participated in the Year 5/6 Great Race. This Character Builder led program provides opportunities for current Year 6 students to lead by example and pass down important leadership skills they have developed throughout the year to the current Year 5 cohort. Students were involved in a range of team building activities and highlighted the importance of communication, teamwork and how to get a job done whilst having fun.

Next week, Primary will have the opportunity to celebrate a belated Book Week. The theme for this year is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, and we are looking forward to seeing the range of costumes students come up with. 


  • Please ensure the waiver for the Tree Tops Excursion is completed and returned to the office.
  • On Monday, students who have been participating in the Brass Immersion Program will be involved in a Brass Immersion Concert in the Auditorium at 2.15pm.
  • Book Week will be celebrated at CHAC on Thursday, 22 October 2020. The theme this year is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. We will be incorporating this theme throughout House Activities held on Thursday afternoon, with students having opportunities to share their favourite stories with older and younger children.

We look forward to seeing the students dressed up and parading their costumes to their peers during assembly in the morning. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, parents will not be able to attend this event.