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Classroom Capers

Classroom Capers

Author: Hannah Cromarty
Author Role: Teacher

CHAC Champs

Congratulations to Sapphire Griffin for always working hard in class. She gives everything a ‘red hot go’ and has a great growth mindset towards her work.

Congratulations to Alexander Strasser and Juliet Webster for always helping around the classroom.


Congratulations to those students in Year 4 who auditioned for CHAC’s Got Talent. The official CGT line up will be on display by end of day, Friday. Good luck! Also congratulations to our JTAS students yesterday. What a day!!


A reminder about the formal uniform now that it is getting a bit cooler in the mornings. Year 4 students are to wear their red woollen jumper or vest with the formal uniform, and the track top is only to be worn with the sports uniform. They are not interchangeable. I am sure some students prefer to wear one than the other, but they must be worn with the correct uniform.  


  • Assembly Wednesday 12 June
  • College Photos Wednesday 19 June
  • CHAC’s Got Talent Friday 21 June