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Classroom Capers

Classroom Capers

Author: Hannah Cromarty
Author Role: Teacher

CHAC Champs

Congratulations to Emma Willis for presenting a very entertaining and informative overview of Captain James Cook. 4B thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!

Congratulations to Georgia Maculay and Vethmi De Silva for their ongoing and consistent work ethic in class. They are both showing fantastic leadership qualities.


We are officially past the term's half-way mark. Congratulations to all students who presented their HASS assessments. It has been interesting to hear the different facts the students discovered about their explorers. We are now looking forward to the students' poetry recitals!

HASS Incursion

This Monday, Year 4 will delve a little deeper into Australian colonisation, as we take part in an incursion called 18th Century England–Australian Colonisation Workshop. This is a huge workshop where students will investigate what life was like in the 18th century (transport, housing, working conditions etc) and dress up in costumes from the era. Students will also learn about the First Fleet and Australia's convict settlements.


  • Beach Excursion- Friday 24 May
  • HASS Incursion- Monday 27 May
  • College Photos- Wednesday 19 June
  • CHAC’s Got Talent- Friday 21 June