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Class of 2020 capture the essence of CHAC

Class of 2020 capture the essence of CHAC

Author: Marketing Department

The Corymbia Boardwalk is a well-loved, tree-lined sanctuary in the heart of our busy campus at CHAC, and now there is another leafy vista to encounter in the precinct.

Embrace by Deb Bauer takes the form of a gum leaf, and has been installed in our social hub for all to enjoy. The Corten steel artwork was donated by our ‘Class of 2020’ as a parting gift to the College, and the work cleverly incorporates the names of every student in the cohort. Inspired by the leaf symbolising new life in the College’s Chrysalis, the material is designed to weather and develop a patina with time, just as our 2020 graduates will develop and create their own life stories.

The Year 12s of 2020 made great efforts to present their College with a special and lasting memorial gift to honour their years at CHAC. This year group had an impressive and momentous 13 years of education - they were the first to attend Prep in Queensland, the first Year 7s in secondary school and the first Year 12s to complete the new Queensland Curriculum. And of course, they showed great resilience in the face of the 2020/21 global pandemic. It is fitting to celebrate the achievements of these graduates with a permanent artwork at the College.

The artist, Ms Bauer, a current parent of students in Years 12 and 9, is founder and creative director of Urban Metal Studios, and specialises in creating unique metal pieces and screens.

“It was wonderful working so closely, over many months, with the 2020 College Captains and Arts Ambassadors to develop the concept for this distinctive piece,” Ms Bauer said.

“The intention of the artwork is to create connections through time between people, spaces, and community. We hope that the work inspires and connects everyone in our CHAC community who experiences this space, and ignites feelings of positivity and belonging.”

Dr Malcolm Cole, Head of The Arts Faculty at CHAC, is delighted with the end result.

“Detailed planning went into the exquisite design, which is situated among the beautiful Melaleuca trees of the timber boardwalk area. The use of materials and siting is subtle, and exudes a calm and thoughtful presence.

"Sincere thanks go to Deb Bauer and her wonderful team of workers, to the College Captains and Arts Ambassadors of 2020, and to Mrs Elizabeth Pratt and our Arts staff for their vision and work which have resulted in this stunning installation.”