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Changing Tomorrow students impress at Showcase

Changing Tomorrow students impress at Showcase

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

Impressive presentations, wide-ranging market research and passionate conviction were the order of the day at the recent Year 9 Changing Tomorrow Showcase held on Friday 24 May. The Showcase is the culminating activity and assessment task for Year 9 students who choose the collaborative problem-solving elective, Changing Tomorrow, and is a rare opportunity for family members, senior staff, friends and mentors to see what our students are capable of achieving as problem-solvers.

Over the course of the one-semester subject, students identify an issue or problem about which they are concerned and are guided in the art of market research, design thinking, ideation and effective collaboration, in order to develop a multi-faceted solution for presentation to an external audience. This makes the subject quite unusual in Junior Secondary, as parents get to see how their children achieve when acting as part of a team.

Along the way, students are encouraged to learn about themselves by reflecting on their own strengths and becoming more aware of areas of weakness. They also discover they can potentially make a difference in the world by caring, thinking and acting with others.

This semester’s projects included:

  • Water Workers, a project focused on water scarcity;
  • Operation: Life Skills, a project aimed at developing life skills in CHAC students;
  • Next Gen Ed, a project focused on Junior Secondary student school engagement; and
  • Elders and Us, a group who targeted the issue of insufficient connection between older and younger generations.

Congratulations to all groups. You have produced work of a very high standard of which you can be truly proud.

Student Perspectives…

"I have learned and benefited from this experience, through the teaching of problem-solving skills and group-work skills. Changing Tomorrow was fun, and challenging, and a great experience." Alec Wills

"Changing Tomorrow was such a good experience. My team and I faced challenges and obstacles that we had to overcome. I believe that it is the challenges a team overcomes that allow them to bond and become better people. The memories from this journey hold a place close to my heart." Kara Pizzica

"By joining the Changing Tomorrow program and working through this project, I learnt a lot about myself in group and working environments. Operation: Life Skills took a lot of dedication and hard work to get to where it is, and while there were issues along the way, the final project was something to be proud of." Mikayla Davies

"I think Changing Tomorrow has been the most beneficial subject I have done. I found it easy to get motivated to complete tasks to benefit our project because I really did care about the problem and wanted to change it. This project showed me my skills, and even improved my weaknesses. I now feel much more confident when speaking in front of crowds and have learnt that when you are really interested in something, finding motivation and staying engaged is much easier." Oliver Glasgow-Abbey

"I have learnt lots of new life skills that I am sure will help me in the near future. This includes learning how to take your time when problem-solving by looking at every angle first to see what the weaknesses of the solutions are… I learnt how to work in teams better and understand that everyone has their own opinion. This is a good thing because different perspectives make the solution better. I also learnt what type of personality I have and how that can come in handy when being in a group." Charlotte Chambers

"From this project, I learned many things… Before Changing Tomorrow I had some difficult experience with group work, but this subject completely altered my mindset. Our group did have to deal with problems, but we couldn’t have done it without each other. My group taught me the value of teammates and how we needed each other. I am so grateful for the group." Mackenzie Burns

"I have really enjoyed Changing Tomorrow, have found it to be an extremely valuable subject, and feel that it has benefited me in many ways. It has taught me about entrepreneurship, about how to work well in teams comprised of different personality types, how to research and how to be assertive and minimise conflict. I have also gained a greater self-knowledge through both my and others’ experiences. I would highly recommend this subject." Lily Chippendale