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CHACyard Blitz

CHACyard Blitz

Would you like to do something practical to help the local community but are unsure where to start? At CHAC, an exciting new opportunity in the form of a College-wide social enterprise initiative has been planned through the Enterprise Centre. We seek expressions of interest from participants, and the nomination of clients.


The concept is called CHACyard Blitz. The initiative is to help suitable clients in the suburbs immediately surrounding the College with some basic practical assistance. This may include such jobs as:

  • General yard work
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Rubbish removal


This year, the Anglican Church Southern Queensland has the theme of Generations Together. CHACyard Blitz is a social enterprise project designed to bring people closer together with a shared task. It is focused particularly on building connections between our students, their families and the elderly in our community. For this reason, we request that parents nominate people they know in our local community who may benefit from the service described.


The initial Blitz will run on Saturday 20 October from Noon to 4pm. Our aim is to run the service more regularly in the future.


To undertake the tasks, there will be small groups of volunteers (eight maximum) drawn from the student, staff and parent body. These groups will have at least one adult whose role it will be to co-ordinate activities and visit the client to discuss their needs, prior to the Blitz date.


The group will be matched to the required work and should bring along suitable tools and equipment, including ute/trailer, in order to undertake the work. The College can help with this if required. If necessary, an information meeting will be called for participants prior to the event. On the day, groups will meet at the College for a safety briefing and sausage sizzle. The project co-ordinator will make sure each group is suitably prepared. The majority of the group will undertake the prescribed jobs while one group member will have the specific role of getting to know the client and presenting to them a small gift and message from the College.

What Next?

If you are interested in this venture or know of someone who would benefit from this type of service, please use this link to register your expression of interest with contact details, or those of the proposed client with, if possible, a brief description of their needs. When you register, please outline any skills or resources you can offer. Alternatively, if you are in a position to offer sponsorship for the initiative we would be very interested to discuss details with you. Once you have registered, we will contact you with further information.

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