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CHACpreneurs go LIVE!

CHACpreneurs go LIVE!

Author: Suzie Alexander
Author Role: Coordinator of Learning Innovation

The Year 6 students have been participating in an Enterprise unit called ‘CHACpreneurs’. This unit is based on the strand of Economics and Business in Humanities and Social Sciences, and has seen students develop the skills of critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, design thinking, time management and financial literacy.

The students have been working hard on designing their own businesses. They have decided on the products they wish to create, how many they should make, and the most exciting part of all, what they will sell. The Year 6 students would really appreciate your support of their first small business.

From Friday 4 June to Sunday 13 June, all student groups will have their products available for purchase.

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Part proceeds of products sold will go to worthy charities within our community.