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CHAC win National da Vinci Decathlon bronze

CHAC win National da Vinci Decathlon bronze

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

For the fifth year in a row, CHAC teams performed with distinction when representing the College and Queensland at the highly regarded National da Vinci Decathlon over the mid-year break. This year, our Year 9 team was declared Year 9 Australian Bronze Medallists after placing in five out of the ten subject areas (in Cartography, Art & Poetry, Drama/Creative Producers, Engineering and Legacy/History) and our Year 10 team earned a first place in Science.

This year, to mitigate ongoing pandemic risk factors, teams competed in an online version of the national competition on 21 June, the first Monday of the recent holidays. Although teams were disappointed not to be able to travel to Sydney to compete face-to-face as in years past, they nevertheless enjoyed working together to tackle the challenge this level of competition provided.

The da Vinci Decathlon is widely recognised as the most challenging and multi-faceted academic competition in Australia, with teams of eight students per cohort competing across 10 disciplines. Subject areas range from traditional curricular areas such as Maths, English, Science and Drama to Cartography, Engineering, Legacy (History), Code-Breaking and Art & Poetry, as well as Ideation, a type of collaborative problem-solving and rapid prototyping challenge.

Congratulations to all students who represented CHAC and Queensland this year:

YEAR 9 TEAM: Dominik Beveridge, Callie Bannister, Amelie Borman, Toby Chippendale, Ryan Glennon, Maya Jones, Sidney Marshall, Mischa Mossman-Postula.

YEAR 10 TEAM: Zoe Billings, Emma Humphreys, Sarah Leonard, Beth McMeechan, Thomas Mollee, Luke Sivyer, Caitlin Teakle, Charli Theil.

Our students view of da Vinci Decathlon Nationals…

While the da Vinci Decathlon stretches my mind and unveils my creativity, what I enjoy most about the competition is being part of a great team. I’m very proud of Year 9 students' achievements and the way we have worked together, none of which would be possible without the continued and immeasurable support we receive from Ms Mossman – thank you! Thank you also to Mrs Hodges and the many other teachers who assisted us in training. It is exciting to think about what the 2022 Decathlon holds in store for CHAC. (Ryan Glennon, Year 9)

The da Vinci Decathlon was such a valuable experience this year. While we were unfortunately unable to venture to Sydney this year due to the pandemic, our team did a great job working and encouraging each other throughout the challenging day. The main thing that I learnt from this day is that, even if you don’t think you will do a very good job or something isn’t your strong suit, if you keep working at it and ask your teammates for help, you’re bound to crack it in the end. (Toby Chippendale, Year 9)

Despite not being able to go to Sydney in person for da Vinci Decathlon Nationals, it was still an enjoyable and challenging experience even though it was held online through a video chat and was in an unfamiliar, hectic schedule. It was certainly tough and pushed our team because many team members had to take on unfamiliar roles as original team members from the State Round were unable to make it, putting us to the test on the day. In these difficult circumstances, I was certainly pushed out of my comfort zone and discovered that I can achieve more than I previously thought I could. Despite not having worked on the Science paper in previous events I was part of the group that completed and subsequently won Science for our team. (Sarah Leonard, Year 10)