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CHAC tackles Maths Team Challenge online

CHAC tackles Maths Team Challenge online

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Each year, the College competes in the Maths Team Challenge hosted by Churchie, but this year, as with so many other things, things were different. Last week, in a 2020 COVID-19 landscape, the competition was conducted online, with our teams participating from the comfort of the Enterprise Centre.

Students acquitted themselves admirably on the day and achieved commendable results, despite having to deal with the unfortunate fact that information about several incorrect answers was communicated to them late (a consequence of the new online format), slowing down their capacity to submit correct answers.

Students who participated enjoyed the challenge the competition represented and the collegial format, with Maths problems being solved as a group in one section and later in pairs in a relay format.

A huge thank you to Maths staff members Mrs Janelle Booker and Mrs Annette Window for working to prepare the team and for conducting the competition on the day.

The following students were invited to represent the College in the competition, but thanks are also due to other students who trained alongside the final CHAC Maths Team Challenge team in the lead-up to the competition.


Mackenzie Riemann, Ben Harms, Chris O’Brien, Matthew Sloman, Thomas Russell


Elizabeth Donnan, Lily Chippendale (ill on the day), Thomas Molesworth, Luke Sivyer, Thomas Mollee, Zoe Billings, Claire Barker, Amelie Wiemers, Aidan Branch, Sanjay Hingorani, Kaya Lurie (Reserve: Lachlan Myatt)


William Meng, Dominik Beveridge, Maya Jones, Zhenghao Ou, Poppy Ammundsen, Sidney Marshall, Toby Chippendale, Yael Niggeman Begun, Nicholas Anderson-Bond, Nick Gill (Reserves: Edward Hambling, Liam Simmons, Toby Scott)