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CHAC Students Write a Book in a Day!

CHAC Students Write a Book in a Day!

Last week, three teams of eager Year 7 CHAC students became authors and illustrators over the course of one very long, nine-hour day by participating in the national Write a Book in a Day Competition. The competition, which raises research funds for the Kids Cancer Project, attracted 790 teams from almost 200 schools last year, raising $190,000 for its worthy cause.

Our Write a Book in a Day teams worked from early in the morning until 6pm in the evening last Wednesday to write and illustrate their 4,000 to 5,000-word books, which will be produced and distributed later this year to children in cancer wards in hospitals around the country. Not only was the activity enjoyed enormously by all involved, but it provided a unique opportunity to work collaboratively on what is most often a solo pursuit: writing or illustrating a book.

The teams and the names of their books are:

They Call Me Teddy: Written by Audrey Davidson, Ayla Lyon, Kassidy Erfurth, Eve Mollee, Lauren Ballard, Sam Paech, Daniel Greenaway and Lily Pitman. Illustrated by Celine Gernert and Isabella Kassay.

Game Over: Written by Zali Stratford-George, Kaya Lurie, Anneliese Roduner, Emma Humphreys, Jessica Tonkovic and Zoe Everett. Illustrated by Thomas Wood, Lewis Forward and Jasmine Kuh.

If I Could Fly: Written by Zoe Billings, James Clark, Lily Hawkin, Julius Spears, Lachlan Steele, Caitlin Teakle and Charli Theil. Illustrated by Alexandra Cartwright and Danielle Weizman.

This English-extension initiative has become a popular part of our program and provides a valuable opportunity for student work to be “published” for a real audience.

Thanks to all English staff who supervised on the day and made this experience possible.

Barbara Mossman
Coordinator: Gifted and Enterprise Education