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CHAC performs at the Queensland Theatre

CHAC performs at the Queensland Theatre

On Tuesday 16 October, Year 10 Drama students presented a production of Good Grief at the newly renovated Bille Brown Theatre.

This exciting opportunity was part of The Scenes Project, an initiative by Queensland Theatre in which students unite to bring 15 minutes of a play to life. Students from many different schools participated, with each school acting scenes from the same play in a different manner.

This year, we were lucky to work with Zen Zen Zo as our artists in residence. Lynne Bradley, the Artistic Director of the company, directed the project and produced a result that was outstanding. Students were introduced to the principles of physical theatre and participated in a variety of workshops before being cast in the play. We were lucky to find that Catherine was a particularly bendy person and that Olga was a fluent Serbian speaker – all talents that Lynne put to good use.

After a quick warm up by a group of professional actors, students had the privilege of watching groups from three other schools perform their versions of the play. Despite having all worked from the same initial script, the different directions in which other groups had taken the story were incredible. While ours had focused mostly on ensemble work using physical theatre, others had taken quite different approaches.

After the excitement of watching the other schools perform came our moment in the spotlight, an experience that fully vindicated the dedication of the cast. Finally, we settled in to watch a group of professional actors perform the entire play.

Our students received some lovely feedback on their focus, dedication and ensemble work and handled themselves with a warm and generous spirit that I was immensely proud of.

Congratulations Year 10 Drama students and another special commendation to Lynne Bradley and Zen Zen Zo for their outstanding talent and commitment to the project.

Carmel Mungavin
Head of Faculty The Arts