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CHAC P&F presents Drug and Alcohol Awareness Information Session for Parents

CHAC P&F presents Drug and Alcohol Awareness Information Session for Parents

Author: Marketing Department

CHAC P&F is pleased to present the third in our series of CHAC Talks for 2021. This term we will welcome Tony Parsons, a leading expert on youth drug and alcohol misuse. At the session, Tony will provide information and strategies for parents about the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, misuse of prescription drugs, and vaping.

Throughout an extensive and diverse career working with State, Federal and International law enforcement agencies, Tony undertook covert operations in the drug trade. He has seen first-hand the extreme pain of naïve decisions, resulting in heartbreaking damage to teenagers and their families. Tony started National Drug Awareness to partner with schools and raise a greater level of awareness. He travels nationally and internationally to deliver bespoke drug and alcohol awareness presentations.

During his talk at CHAC, Tony will draw upon his deep knowledge, and lived experiences of this landscape, to provide parents with a greater understanding of these challenging issues. He will empower parents with the knowledge they need to have open conversations and positive outcomes when navigating the topic of drug and alcohol use with their children.

The CHAC Talk is open to all CHAC parents, however is most beneficial to parents and guardians of students in Years 9 to 12. The content of this presentation is tailored to a parent audience.

Whilst this is a free event, presented by the CHAC P&F, parents are asked to register their attendance. Please RSVP by 5pm on Wednesday 25 August.

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