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CHAC most successful school at Queensland da Vinci Decathlon!

CHAC most successful school at Queensland da Vinci Decathlon!

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

CHAC has reason to celebrate as the highest-achieving school in Queensland in this year’s highly-regarded da Vinci Decathlon academic competition, held last week at AB Paterson College on the Gold Coast and at St Joseph’s College, Nudgee. The da Vinci Decathlon is the most demanding multi-disciplinary school academic competition in Australia, requiring teams of eight students per year level to tackle 10 varied disciplines. Last week, CHAC achieved our highest results ever, dominating with our Year 7 team crowned State Champions, and every other high school year level from Year 8-Year 11 awarded 2nd place overall in their division. Our Primary teams also achieved their highest results ever, with the Year 6 team winning three 1st places in Drama, Ideation and Code-Breaking and Year 5 coming 2nd in Science and 3rd in Cartography and Code-Breaking.

Our Secondary school teams achieved particularly well in English, Science, Code-Breaking and Engineering, a testament to the excellent work that goes on daily at CHAC in the classroom.

Our Year 7 team will now proceed to represent CHAC and Queensland at the National da Vinci Decathlon which is held in Sydney over four days of the mid-year break. It is impressive to note that this is the fourth year in a row that a team from the College has won a State title and progressed to Nationals. At this higher level, our students will compete against some of the top schools from around the country. We wish them all the best in the competition.

The Secondary Teams were:

YEAR 7 (1st in QLD): Toby Chippendale, Mischa Mossman-Postula, Sidney Marshall, Dominik Beveridge, Amelie Borman, Ryan Glennon and Mary Donnan

YEAR 8 (2nd in QLD): Thomas Mollee, Sarah Leonard, Audrey Davidson, Zoe Billings, Thomas Wood, Charlotte Theil, Luke Sivyer and Sianna Owen.

YEAR 9 (2nd in QLD): Lily Chippendale, Cordelia Jeffery-McNamara, Alec Wills, Alice Dagwell, Liley Smith, Thomas Molesworth, Jasmine Balfour and Hannah Robinson.

YEAR 10 (2nd in QLD): Daniel Carton, Juliet Munro, Naveen Hingorani, Penelope Spears, Hannah Schultz, Ben Mollee, Charlotte Beavers and Rebecca Leonard.

YEAR 11 (2nd in QLD): Hannah Elmes, Isaac Reed, Annelies Alcorn, Emma Cooney, Ryan King, Kasey Gill, Julia Ralston and Ella Blacker.

Thanks are due to all staff who assisted with the preparation of the large da Vinci Decathlon Training Squad during lunchtime training sessions in the month leading up to the competition: Ms Evans, Ms Baiada, Ms Devonshire, Mr Andrews, Ms Berlin, Ms Pather, Mr Brown, Mr Burke, Ms Venables, Ms Hart and Ms Nolan. Extra special thanks are due to staff who assisted with judging and marking at the competition itself when supervising students at the event: Suzie Alexander, Robin Laisby, Sarah Devonshire and Sarka Baiada.

Student Perspectives…

"On Thursday last week, eight students including myself went to Nudgee College to participate in the State da Vinci Decathlon. It was an intense competition that challenged us intellectually in ten subjects; Maths, English, Science, Engineering, General Knowledge, Art and Poetry, Ideation, Creative Producers (Drama), Code Breaking and Cartography. We participated in challenges that we had limited experience of, and even in the heat of the competition, we learnt about things that we didn’t know about beforehand. In the end it was a fun competition and I recommend it to anyone who is interested, even if just to be part of the training squad." Sidney Marshall, Year 7

"The Da Vinci Decathlon was an enjoyable, educational and exciting day. I thoroughly enjoyed participating this year as I learnt a lot about problem-solving and teamwork. I found it especially interesting how all eight members of my team with different personalities, skills and passions all worked effectively together to solve the challenges." Sarah Leonard, Year 8

"Da Vinci Decathlon was a great experience and I would recommend people to give it a go if they get the opportunity. It is good to get you together with other students you don’t know very well and teaches you a lot about teamwork. It is interesting to discover what you are best at and you can also discover what you aren’t good at and could improve on. It was a fun experience because you get to spend the day with your friends and the competition is friendly so there’s not heaps of pressure." Thomas Mollee, Year 8

"This was my first year at Da Vinci, and I can say with confidence that I wasn’t disappointed. I was overwhelmed by the crowds of people from every school you can imagine, but with my teammates and a lot of food handy, we settled right into the competition. Regardless of results, Da Vinci was one of my best schooling experiences ever. Through it I gained a deeper understanding of teamwork, collaboration and knowledge. I also had a chance to meet up with new people from different schools. I think that what will stay with me from da Vinci, more than anything else, is the strong bonds and friendships formed and the idea that through consistent collaboration and hard work, anything can be achieved." Jasmine Balfour, Year 9

"My favourite part about da Vinci decathlon is the opportunity it gives us to work together in large groups with people with different abilities. The joy of being able to collaborate with someone with a completely different skill set or with someone who has a different perspective on a problem or idea is something I find rare in the classroom, but abundant at da Vinci. This chance to work together, try our best, and – hopefully – succeed is something I value greatly, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with a group of my peers in a situation like this.Rebecca Leonard, Year 10

"The da Vinci Decathlon was a fun but challenging experience. I enjoyed the challenge of the complex problems, even though they were sometimes frustratingly challenging! It was fun to compete with my friends in other schools. I also enjoyed working with other peers from my grade to collaboratively solve problems, because I could learn from their far more sophisticated ideas. Overall, it was a fun but difficult day."  Naveen Hingorani, Year 10