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CHAC Market Day–another success

CHAC Market Day–another success

Author: Anthony Florido
Author Role: Head of Faculty - Social Sciences (Business and Geography)

As part of their coursework, Year 9 students studying 'Start-up for young entrepreneurs' were posed with a challenge: develop a concept/idea, create it, finance it, market it and then sell it.  If this wasn't challenging enough, students had to coordinate the logistics of setting up a market stall in 60 minutes–in competition with 17 other like-minded stallholders–and sell their products over one lunchtime. How did they go? Mission accomplished!

Market Day is part of the students' experiential learning and has become a tradition at CHAC. This year it was bigger than ever with three classes vying to attract potential consumers. Creative ideas were espoused through the use of ingenious marketing techniques to attract students from Years 3 to 12 to the Auditorium Foyer (as well as a few staff members!). The stalls were a success, with a variety of delectables being sold. The principles of demand and supply took over toward the end as prices were slashed in order to clear surplus stock.

This experience is invaluable for our Business students as they gain a snapshot view of the requirements of business start-up. Students will develop a feasibility report to document and analyse the real outcomes and their experiences.