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CHAC Makes Impression at da Vinci Decathlon

CHAC Makes Impression at da Vinci Decathlon

Once again, CHAC has raised the bar on its own performance at the State da Vinci Decathlon, with our Year 7 Team emerging as Queensland State Champions, our Year 8 and Year 9 teams coming 2nd, and our Year 5 team placing 3rd. All College teams who competed placed in at least two disciplines, with the Year 7 team placing in an incredible seven out of ten subjects. These achievements established CHAC as the most successful school competing at the event this year.

More than 1,500 students competed this year over three days of the extraordinarily challenging competition. Schools in attendance included Brisbane Girls Grammar, Churchie, Ormiston College, Iona College, Somerville House, Matthew Flinders Anglican College, St Peters Lutheran College and Brisbane Boys College, among many others.

The winning Year 7 team were: Luke Sivyer, Zoe Billings, Charlotte Thiel, Johan Goossen, Thomas Wood, Daniel Greenaway, Danielle Weizman and Audrey Davidson. In the course of the day, Year 7 won Code-Breaking and Engineering, came 2nd in Cartography, Maths and Ideation, and 3rd in English and Creative Producers/Drama.

Our Year 8 State Runners-up (Tayah Uren, Lily Chippendale, Cordelia Jeffery-McNamara, Alec Wills, Archie Moffat, Alice Dagwell, Oliver Glasgow-Abbey and Sarah Findlay) won Ideation and placed 2nd in Drama and Art and Poetry and 3rd in Science.

CHAC's Year 9 Runners-up (Daniel Carton, Rebecca Leonard, Ben Mollee, Juliet Munro, Emma Gleeson, Naveen Hingorani, Hannah Schultz and Matthew Sloman) won the Drama section, came 2nd in English and Maths and 3rd in Ideation.

Our Year 10 team (Ella Greenaway, Anna Coldham-Fussell, Emma Cooney, Chris O'Brien, Ryan King, Annelies Alcorn, Hannah Dagwell and Hermione Knowles-Green) placed 2nd in English and Art and Poetry, and 3rd in Science.

CHAC Primary students also attained wonderful results, with Year 5s coming 3rd overall due to a 1st in Maths, 2nd in Art and Poetry and 3rd in Drama/Creative Producers. Year 6 placed in two disciplines: 2nd in Maths and 3rd in Drama.

CHAC teaching staff deserve recognition for their role in helping develop the skills and capabilities of our students so that they can achieve on this level. I would also like to particularly thank all staff who have helped fine-tune our students’ skills and knowledge during lunchtime training sessions over the past month. An enormous thank you to Ms Berlin, Mrs Evans, Mrs Baiada, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Boyle, Mr Andrews, Mr O’Brien and Mrs Welgemoed. A special thanks are due to those staff who accompanied teams to the event and assisted with time-pressured marking and judging during the competition.

Barbara Mossman
Coordinator: Gifted and Enterprise Education

Student Report

On Tuesday, 16 Years 9 and 10 students took a bus down to A.B. Paterson College for the Queensland da Vinci Decathalon. This day was the culmination of many weeks of hard work and training, both from the students and the teachers that helped us train and came on the day.

Over the day, each team of eight students – one Year 9 team, one Year 10 team – participated in ten subjects, spread over three sessions. These subjects ranged from every-day school subjects, like Mathematics, English and Science, to unusual subjects, like Creative Producers, Cartography, and Ideation. Each subject consisted of a project or a test paper, and all were intensely difficult. They required us to work together in our teams as cohesive units to complete everything in time. The team spirit in this decathlon is always incredible, with each team pulling together and relying on one another. As the overall result relies on scores across all subjects, the teams have to be evenly split; there is no point in having a group of high-performing Mathematicians and Scientists if there are no English or Drama specialists. Because of this, teams need to play to their strengths and juggle members to ensure that each task is completed to the best possible standard. The Mathematics and Codebreaking papers were particularly difficult this year, but both CHAC teams persevered and achieved results we can all be proud of, with the Year 9 team coming away with 2nd place.

Rebecca Leonard, Year 9