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CHAC launches composting initiative

CHAC launches composting initiative

Author: Sarah Devonshire
Author Role: Secondary Teacher

This term at CHAC, we are very excited to be launching a new composting initiative. This involves the introduction of six small yellow bins that have been placed at different locations around the College (four in Secondary and two in Primary). Throughout the week, students are encouraged to place fruit and vegetable scraps from their lunch into these yellow bins instead of the regular bins. These yellow tubs are collected each week by members of the Environment Committee and College Captains and emptied into compost bins. The scraps are sprayed with an enzyme that helps to break down all of the food – including citrus and even meat! The leftover scraps from these bins are placed in a tumbler and broken down. Once broken down, these scraps can be used for good on CHAC’s own gardens, minimising the food-waste being sent to landfill and providing a productive resource here at CHAC.

This new initiative has received an excellent response from both Primary and Secondary students so far, and we hope that it will continue to grow until even more bins are required. So be sure to save your food scraps at each break to do your part and support this exciting new initiative. Let’s save the world – one banana peel at a time!

By Hannah Schultz