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CHAC Family Worship - Sunday 28 October

CHAC Family Worship - Sunday 28 October

All families are welcome to attend our CHAC Family Service on Sunday at 5pm. In this season where we focus on our patron saints St Francis and St Clare, our theme will be Hospitality: sharing in the abundance of God. It will be wonderful to welcome all our families to think about how we share the good things we have.

If you have never been to a family service, this would be a great one to come to, as you don’t have to have any experience of church to understand that by sharing our blessings, we are ourselves blessed! We look forward to seeing many families there. Bring a plate to share for Afternoon Tea from 4.30pm, if you would like to share the hospitality in a really practical way!

Reverend Canon Sarah Leisemann
Chaplain and Director of Mission