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CHAC Family Service to Pray for Rain

CHAC Family Service to Pray for Rain

In my work as a Chaplain, I am in contact with other clergy from all over the state. This term, the Chaplains from schools in Western Queensland have made a special request which comes from their students: “Please pray for rain.” Earlier this term, our Primary students made a special effort to pray for rain, following a request from students at the Glennie School in Toowoomba. We would like to extend the invitation to pray for rain to all in our community.

More importantly, we want our farming communities to know that they are not forgotten. In the busyness of urban life, we sometimes forget that our food is available to us because many, many farming families provide it for us through their hard work. When nature makes that work a thousand times harder because of drought, we must not forget how much we depend on our farmers here in the city. A service of prayer is not about wishful thinking, or hoping that God will ‘save us’ – prayer changes OUR hearts and minds, not God’s. When we pray for others, we are consciously saying that these people matter – their welfare is as important to me as my own, we are linked by our shared reliance on the gifts of the earth.

So I invite every CHAC family to pray – for rain, for our farmers and all who support them, for boarding schools who care for farming children and families, and for ourselves, that we might never forget that our human family is interconnected on many, many levels.

Please do come along to the Chapel on Sunday 16 September at 5pm and bring our community together to send a message of support to our farmers, along with our donations. At the service, adults and children will have the chance to

  • reflect on what life is like for farming families
  • write a short note of support to a farming family
  • pray for rain and think about our reliance on the natural environment.

 Reverend Canon Sarah Leisemann
Chaplain and Director of Mission