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CHAC Family Service Sunday 11 August 5pm

CHAC Family Service Sunday 11 August 5pm

Author: Sarah Leisemann
Author Role: Chaplain

At the recent Year 11 Camp, students participated in a reflective service of Holy Community. The student response to this time of quiet reflection was quite amazing. Many commented that they had never done anything like that before, and that the quiet time and candlelight enabled them to think and reflect deeply on their own life journeys.

Christians who worship regularly know this experience as an important part of their lives and are strengthened and encouraged by this nurturing of their inner lives. Our Family Services are an opportunity for all in our community to experience this time of thoughtful reflection. Students from Prep to Year 12 are taught and encouraged to be still and quiet, to allow their spirits to ‘catch up’ with their busy minds and bodies.

You are warmly welcomed to experience that for yourself on Sunday 11 August at 5pm in the Chapel, when we celebrate St Clare’s Day with a ‘Service of Light’ and Holy Communion. Please contact Reverend Sarah if you would like more information.