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CHAC Emerging Artist Award

CHAC Emerging Artist Award

Author: Ms Colleen Boyle and Ms Jennifer Chaplin
Author Role: Secondary School Visual Art Teachers

In 2003, Mr and Mrs Donaldson established the Rhelma Donaldson Endowment Fund in memory of their daughter, Rhelma, who was a student at CHAC and who died of cystic fibrosis in 1999. It was their intention that part of the annual interest from the fund be used for the purchase of artworks for Cannon Hill Anglican College. The CHAC Emerging Artist Award was therefore established to recognise the artistic achievements of one of the College’s many talented artists by purchasing their artwork for inclusion in the College's art collection.

This year, all work produced by Year 12 Visual Art students were judged by experienced art curator and judge Ms Anne Maree Reaney. Ms Reany was so impressed with the standard and quality of the work that she has awarded four Highly Commended certificates as well as the overall winner. The Highly Commended awards go to:

  • Anastasia Kihara for her work The Hybrid Doll
  • Caitlyn Butt for Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?
  • Edie Biasibetti – Reality Inverted, a complex installation in the Lecture Theatre that had to be dismantled after three days
  • Kate Trowbridge – The Colours Within Us

The 2020 winner is Kelsey Mudd for her work Familiar Fabrics 2020. Ms Reaney’s comments on the work include – "A sophisticated and technically competent artwork that is engaging and evocative of the concept of memory … a beautifully resolved work, captivating in its surface detail and compelling in the overall presentation. Great work!"

Kelsey’s work will now remain at CHAC with work from previous Emerging Artists winners to be on permanent display in an appropriate place in the College.