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CHAC educators take the lead

CHAC educators take the lead

Author: Mrs Jennifer Middleton
Author Role: Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

CHAC is proud of the quality and leadership of our outstanding educators and staff. Obtaining Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) certification is a rigorous, national process that recognises exceptional professional practice and is administered by ISQ.

We congratulate Sara Grigg, Nicole Grima and Steve Wright for recently achieving this outstanding level of certification. They join the following list of CHAC teachers who have achieved HALT certification. 

L: Lead

H: Highly Accomplished

  • Penny Cummins L
  • Paul Jennison L
  • Marion Rutter L
  • Anthony Florido L
  • Anita Spencer L
  • Suzie Alexander L
  • Melinda Myles L
  • Jennifer Chaplin H
  • Jane Everett H
  • Robert Hawkin H
  • Fiona McCreadie H
  • Maddie Wallas H
  • Sarah Grigg H
  • Steve Wright H
  • Nicole Grima (on leave) H

Image captions

L-R: Mr Paul Jennison, Ms Sarah Grigg, Mr Anthony Florido

L-R: Mrs Anita Spencer, Mrs Jane Everett, Mr Steve Wright, Mrs Fiona McCreadie Mrs Suzie Alexander