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CHAC Dominates World Scholars’ Cup Brisbane Round

CHAC Dominates World Scholars’ Cup Brisbane Round

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Coordinator of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Once again, CHAC has stolen the limelight at a major academic competition, emerging as one of two schools to dominate results at the World Scholars’ Cup Brisbane Round by winning many of the major awards and placing highly across all events. The competition was again held at Churchie in the first two days of the Easter Break, with 24 students representing the College in four Senior and four Junior teams.

After six weeks of studying an enormous range of material, teams competed in four events: essay writing, impromptu debating (each team debated three times with only 15 minutes preparation), an exam paper and a multiple-choice collaborative quiz in an auditorium where teams select their answers under time pressure, using electronic “clickers”.

We are particularly proud of student achievement in the Scholars Exam, where students had to demonstrate their knowledge across six Challenge Subjects that included Neglected Histories, Science (Enabling Technologies), Social Science (Social Marginalisation) and Unsolved Mysteries. Both individually and as teams, our students excelled. Highlights included:

  • Rebecca Leonard: Champion Senior Scholar – across all events
  • Sarah Leonard: Junior Scholars’ Challenge Exam Champion
  • Thomas Russell: Senior Scholars’ Challenge Exam Champion and 3rd placed Senior Scholar across all events
  • Jessica Muir: Champion Senior Writer
  • Luke Sivyer: Champion Junior Debater
  • Sarah Leonard: Top in History – Junior
  • Thomas Russell: Top in Literature - Senior
  • Mikayla Davies: Top in Arts – Senior
  • Sarah Leonard: Top in History - Junior
  • Thomas Wood: Top in Literature - Junior

Team achievement highlights:

  • Junior: 1st in Scholars Exam, 2nd in Scholars’ Bowl Team Quiz and 2nd in Overall Junior Team Championship (Sarah Leonard, Charlotte Theil, Zoe Billings)
  • Senior: 1st in Senior Scholars Exam and 3rd in Overall Senior Team Championship (Thomas Russell, Mikayla Davies, Hannah Seymour-Smith)
  • Senior: Senior Writing Team Champions (Jessica Muir, Matthew Sloman, Alyza Jeffery)
  • Senior:  4th in Overall Senior Team Championship (Rebecca Leonard, Daniel Carton, Sam Clark)  

On behalf of the College, congratulations to all students who represented the CHAC with distinction in the competition this year: Lily Chippendale, Tayah Uren, Alec Wills, Sam Clark, Rebecca Leonard, Daniel Carton, Thomas Russell, Mikayla Davies, Hannah Seymour-Smith, Charlotte Theil, Zoe Billings, Sarah Leonard, Thomas Wood, Daniel Greenway, Luke Sivyer, James Clark, Lachlan Steele, Jude Armstrong, Audrey Davidson, Ayla Lyon, Anneliese Roduner, Matthew Sloman, Jessica Muir and Alyza Jeffery.

It is particularly exciting that due to their stellar performance our teams have now been invited to participate in a Global Round to be held in Sydney in August, with the College and students’ families currently investigating the possibility of attending. This is an exciting prospect, as last year this level of the competition attracted 1,600 students from around the world.

The World Scholars’ Cup operates in over 65 countries, with over 14,000 students participating internationally. The competition’s goals are to inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders and to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills. It aims to be different from traditional academic competitions as it seeks to celebrate the joy of learning through a tournament that is as rewarding for the team that comes last as the for the team that comes first. The competition is interdisciplinary, forward-looking, team-oriented and whimsical, with rainbow-coloured alpacas used as the mascot of the event.

As always, our teams were a delight to work with and attracted nothing but positive comments. Thanks are also owed to parents Nicole Clark and Dale Russell and staff members Sarka Baiada and Vicky Barnett for giving up a day of their holidays to help out with supervision and debating adjudication.