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CHAC at State Public Speaking Final

CHAC at State Public Speaking Final

Author: Charlie Fraser
Author Role: Year 9 student

This year and last year, I had the opportunity to participate in the junior section of the Rostrum Voice of Youth public speaking competition. I had always had a love for public speaking, but participating in the Rostrum competition only made me love it even more. Last year, I unfortunately didn’t make it through my heat, getting second place, but this year I was able to get through and open up a whole new window of opportunity and have a very memorable experience.

After the heats, I moved on to the second round, then onto the regional round, and finally onto the state round. At the regional round, I also had to prepare an impromptu speech on the day, which I had never done before and was actually quite fun to do. Then I had to write a whole new prepared speech for the state round and present a new impromptu speech.

Unfortunately, after the state round, my journey through Rostrum came to an end, but it was truly an amazing experience, and I will be greatly looking forward to the heats next year. I have gained so much from this competition, including enhanced public speaking skills, some lovely new friends in competition and a bond with the coordinators. Even though it’s not easy to make it to state level, I thoroughly encourage anyone who is interested in public speaking, or anyone who just wants to give it a go to participate in Rostrum, because it is a truly enjoyable experience. (Charlie Fraser, Year 9)