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CHAC app updates

CHAC app updates

Author: Steve Forster
Author Role: Director of Marketing & Development

Parents can now report student absences on the CHAC app. The absentee phone lines will still be operational for the remainder of the year.

A new version of the app is required for this functionality, so please ensure you update the app if you already have it installed on your phone. Your app login is the same as your Parent Lounge login. If you have forgotten your password, there is a forgot password option that will allow you to reset one. 

If you don't use the app, now is the perfect time to start. Some helpful tips on downloading and using it can be found here.  

Please Note

  • As per the College policy, any planned leave to be taken outside of school holidays must be requested through the Principal via email, outlining proposed absence dates. The App is not to be utilised for this type of leave.
  • Late arrival should be logged as Absent from School when using the App. When the student arrives at school and scans their card it will be manually changed in the system to reflect late arrival.