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Celebrating mothers

Celebrating mothers

Author: Marketing Department

For more than 100 years, mothers around the world have been acknowledged and thanked during an annual Mother’s Day celebration. While the traditions may vary across countries and cultures, one thing remains the same, the day sees mothers honoured and appreciated.  
This Mother’s Day, we acknowledge the role of mothers, grandmothers and important females in our community and families, and we celebrate their love and support.   

Even Superheroes need their Mothers

Brother Nathan shares the following thoughts on mothers and a prayer. 

Michelle Terry writes:

"My three and five-year-old sons are playing superheroes again. In the heat of battle against the 'bad dudes', my three-year-old sustains an injury. Being a superhero is a dangerous line of work. Immediately, he turns back into my preschool son, and he’s tugging at my legging, tears streaming down his face, expecting words of comfort, hugs, and kisses. Of course, that is exactly what he gets. My kisses still hold magic for him, and he’s off bringing down the powers of evil again in no time." Terry, M (2018) God as Mother, Available at (Accessed: 28th April 2020).

I love this account of the interaction between a mother and her son. It speaks both of the strength and the vulnerability of children and adolescents. In all my years of working with young people and families, I have seen similar scenes played out countless times. There is a special bond between a mother and child that transcends time and space. I have seen the vulnerability in the eyes a young man facing a critical illness, who just wants his mum to sit with him and hold his hand, and the way he looked at her with pleading eyes seeking reassurance. I have also seen the grunts and eye rolls on a different occasion when his mum asked him how his day was. Likewise, I have observed a girl seemingly embarrassed by her mother who wanted to hug her but later broke into tears and held her mother tight when she had a bad day.

I would be preaching to the choir if I said that parenting was hard and frustrating, often relying on a crystal ball to know what a child is thinking or wants. I see mothers struggle with the way in which their growing children increasingly pull away as they seek independence. I hear their frustrations when mothers sometimes feel their children don’t appreciate the sacrifices they make for them. However, I have heard of the tears shed by a mother as she reads a letter from her son saying how much he loves and appreciates her and apologises for not always being the best son.

This Mother’s Day, I encourage all sons and daughters to (re)connect with their mother and appreciate that bond that can only be between mother and child.

A prayer for mothers


You are the midwife who brings your children into the world and makes us trust you like a child at its mother’s breast.

You comfort and nurse us as a mother does for her children.

You are like the mother bear, eagle and hen protecting their children.

We give you thanks for mothers:

  • for biological mothers
  • for those who mother other people’s children

We stand with women who have not had the opportunity to bear children and for those whose children have been taken far too early from them, comfort them in their pain and grief.  

We ask you to bless all those who provide maternal nurturing and support to children and young people. Give them strength, courage, love and compassion to continue their vocation of motherhood.


Mother's Day video 

A few of our students have a message for all the mums in the CHAC Community.