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Business, Business, Everywhere...

Business, Business, Everywhere...

It has been a very busy term for those studying elective Business subjects. While Year 12 Economists and Business students have been busily preparing for their final assessments, elective students have been enriching their learning experience as well as their pockets (in some cases).

Morgan Mewton (Year 9) was awarded 3rd place in the ESSI Money Challenge – a joint initiative of Suncorp and the Financial Basics Foundation. ESSI (Earning, Saving, Spending and Investing) Money is an online financial literacy game for Australian Secondary students. Through game-play based on a virtual reality, students achieve an understanding of how decisions made over a period of time can have both positive and negative impacts on their financial situation. The game allows students to practise real life financial transactions and experience the consequences in a safe, fun and challenging way.


Haili Lawton (Year 7) was selected as CHAC’S nominee for the South-East Business Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur Award. She is the youngest student to have ever been nominated for this prestigious award and was recognised by notable entrepreneur and author Noel Whittaker. Protect Ur Pet is a pet collar used to protect pets. The collar has a camera, sensor and a GPS tracker. Her innovative idea, which draws upon the forefront of technology, is currently between ideation and the development of a prototype. The funds she received will assist her in turning the idea into reality.

A mix of Years 9 and 10 Business students were provided with the opportunity to visit Somerset College's Festival of Entrepreneurship. At this festival, they attended talks from notable entrepreneurs such as Dr Clarence Tan, Steve Baxter and Dr James Burt from Bond University, who delivered a fascinating presentation on E-Sports and the future of jobs.

Year 9 Business students also ran their traditional and highly successful Market Day stalls at school and served up many nutritious and a few not-so-nutritious goodies. Through this experience, students were provided with the opportunity to plan, procure and run a market stall. This year both groups made a net profit after expenses of just over $1000; not bad for two lunchtimes of trading. This money will be donated to the Archbishop's Drought Relief Appeal as supported by Diakonos. As always, the days would not have succeeded but for the excellent guidance provided by Year 9 Business teachers Mr Blake Russell and Ms Swaleha Ali.


Anthony Florido
Acting Head of Faculty – Business