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Breathless 2020 available online

Breathless 2020 available online

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Faculty, The Arts

We are very pleased to announce that Breathless 2020 is now available for viewing online with breathtaking results!

An entire Breathless online gallery has been created to showcase our exceptional student work from Years 7 through to 12. To view the works, visit the Breathless site in Google Chrome and click on the subject area you want to view – Drama, Media, Music and Visual Art – then choose the year level you wish to visit.

On each page, you will find individual files of works that were created by students, including videos of group work such as music and drama groups. There are a number of short interviews with students who present the artistic intention of their work. To watch the videos or listen to the audio, click on the student image and then on the relevant artwork, composition or performance. There are also a number of videos that show students rehearsing works and class activities.

We have aimed to bring you as wide a range of artworks, music works, drama performances, films, and performances as possible. So dive into our brilliant gallery to explore and enjoy the amazing creative fruits of CHAC students.


Student artist statements

Thomas Poon, Year 12 - This work titled 'Me, Myself and I' is a photography piece digitally manipulated in Photoshop. The piece was stylistically inspired by the works of American black-and-white photographer Ralph Gibson, whose dramatic compositions build narrative meaning through dreamlike juxtapositions. For my work, I was drawn to the mysterious and surreal undertones of Gibson’s photos, creating a contemporary artwork with the use of Photoshop. I produced a surreal composition through the mysterious nature of the piece, portrayed through the location, the attire, and the facial expression of the multiple subjects, forcing audiences to question the purpose of the artwork.

Elizabeth Donnan, Year 10 - My piece depicts the shape of a chrysalis. Having been spun on the wheel, my piece is small at the bottom, bellies out through the middle and then curves back in to create an open top. This piece has sections cut out of the surface, matching a chrysalis’s pattern. This piece was the smallest in my collection, consisting of a leaf, branch and chrysalis, which represented the CHAC symbol and logo. A chrysalis is said to represent constant rebirth and evolution. Therefore, while the pieces were derived from the aspects of CHAC, they represent that while there are low points in your connections and strength, difficulty in challenges and decreased drive for success, positive aspects always come to light when persistence is practised. The joyful aspects in the dark tunnel of difficulties is represented by the bright calming colours and the glossy interior which reflects light rays. The chrysalis design was influenced by the famous artist Judi Tavill where she deeply carves and hand textures her pots after they have been hand-built or wheel-thrown.