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Br Donald Campbell's Collation

Br Donald Campbell's Collation

Author: Kelly-Ann Sparks
Author Role: 2021 Spiritual Leader

On Sunday 11 October, Brother Nathan-James invited Chipo Makusha and me to represent the College at the Collation of Br Donald Campbell as Archdeacon of Morton. Br Donald was a former Chaplain of CHAC, and our College is one of the schools he ‘looks after’. The event was held at St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Annerley.

The role of Archdeacon is to support parish priests and school chaplains in their respective roles. Archdeacons serve the Church in part of a diocese by taking responsibility for all buildings, the welfare of clergy and their families, and the implementation of diocesan policy for the sake of the Gospel. The legal act by which a priest becomes an Archdeacon is called a collation.

A prominent takeaway from the service was - in a world with such violence, like the actions of the king in the Parable of the Wedding Banquet, it might be easy to forget we are dealing with a merciful God. It might be difficult to strip away the violent imagery and focus instead on the superior kernel underneath it all. God calls people to himself and desires that they come to him. The sobering reminder that ‘many are called but few are chosen’ should cause us to pause, reflect, and re-examine our lives.

It was an honourable experience to witness Br Donald's Collation, and I thank Brother Nathan for the invitation.

"This is our God for whom we have waited; let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation."  Isaiah 25.9 

Kelly-Ann Sparks, 2021 Spiritual Leader