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Blue for Beyond Blue free dress fundraiser

Blue for Beyond Blue free dress fundraiser

Author: Br Nathan-James SSF
Author Role: College Chaplain and Director of Mission

Beyond Blue

Wear something blue for Beyond Blue - Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. The COVID-19 situation has highlighted the need to have dedicated services available to respond to people experiencing difficulties. The need for mental health services has increased exponentially among adults and young people. Beyond Blue provides a variety of means to support people both online, face to face, as well as providing current and relevant information.

On Friday 18 September, students are invited to wear something blue and donate a gold coin to raise money to support the vital work of Beyond Blue. Coins will be collected in Home Rooms.

Non-Uniform day requirements

As per the College Non-Uniform Day policy, students may wear free dress provided the clothing is:

  • Appropriate for specialist classes like PE, Science and ITD (e.g. sport shoes, closed in shoes etc)
  • Modest clothing (e.g no bare mid-riffs, shirts and t-shirts must have sleeves, no shoe-string straps)
  • Usual requirements for jewellery, hair, makeup etc
  • No inappropriate or inoffensive slogans or icons etc on clothing

If in doubt, please consult your diary or Home Room teacher.