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Blessing of Pets – Sunday 20 October 5pm

Blessing of Pets – Sunday 20 October 5pm

Author: Sarah Leisemann
Author Role: Chaplain

St Francis is remembered for his love of animals and the way in which he believed that God’s love could be experienced through all of creation. Christians everywhere carry on that spirit in October (in which St Francis Day occurs) by thanking God for our animal companions. CHAC will hold its first-ever Blessing of Pets on Sunday 20 October to recognise the joy and love that our pets bring to our lives. You may bring your pet if you feel that he or she will be ok in a social animal environment and you can keep them and others safe and happy. The service will take place near the Prayer Garden, so please park in the off-street parking behind the College. Keep your pet on a leash or in a cage or bowl (if it’s a fish) and remember to bring a bag to pick-up pet poops. The service will be short and joyful – you may like to bring a folding chair or picnic rug – and maybe a treat for your pet or yourself! If your pet won’t enjoy being out with other animals, feel free to bring a photo and join in the fun!