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Being Kind is Contagious

Being Kind is Contagious

Author: Anita Spencer
Author Role: Acting Director of Primary

Being Kind to someone who has hurt you doesn’t always seem to make sense. It can feel like the last thing you want to do, especially in a conflict. However, there are many important reasons why being kind is a great choice to make.

Top 10 reasons to be kind:

  1. It makes you the hero
  2. It shows others that you can manage your emotions
  3. It's an important leadership skill
  4. You don’t know why the other person is hurting you - maybe they’ve been hurt themselves
  5. Other people might be watching you - you can set a great example to them
  6. Being kind builds bridges to better understanding - conflict is often caused by misunderstandings
  7. Every behaviour has consequences - you only choose your own behaviour, you don't choose other's behaviour
  8. You feel happier and more confident when you are kind to others
  9. It helps you to feel you belong to a community
  10. Kindness is contagious

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