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Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation

Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation

Author: Br Nathan-James
Author Role: Chaplain and Director of Mission

Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation 

We will be offering Baptism and Admission to Communion during CHAC@5 Family service on 8 August, and Confirmation with Bishop John on 12 September.

Baptism is open to any member of the College community. Admission to Communion is open to those who are Baptised and seven years or older who would like to receive communion during our College or other community services. To be Confirmed, one must be at least 15 and have been Baptised. Those who are wishing to be Confirmed, who are not already Baptised, may be Baptised on either 8 August or as part of the Confirmation service on 12 September. 

If you would like to be Baptised, Admitted to Communion or Confirmed, please contact Br Nathan-James.