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Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation

Baptism, Admission to Communion and Confirmation

Author: Br Nathan-James SSF
Author Role: Chaplain and Director of Mission

An invitation 

Students, parents, staff and members of the community are invited to participate in the sacraments of baptism and confirmation as well as admission to Holy Communion. These will take place during our CHAC@5 Family Services. Please see details below. Contact Brother Nathan-James for further information. 


Baptism is the Rite of Initiation into the Church universal (one is not baptised Anglican, Catholic etc.). Jesus was baptised by his cousin John at the start of his ministry, later, Jesus charged his disciples to 

go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples. Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to do everything I have told you.

Matthew 28:19-20

We continue this tradition, to invite people who see the teachings and life of Jesus as a basis for modelling their own lives to become part of the Christian family of God through baptism. People of all ages are invited to participate in the sacrament of baptism.  

I am happy to conduct baptisms at any time. However, as baptism is a Rite of Initiation into the Church, my preference is to do this at one of the CHAC@5 Family Services. 


Then he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.

John 20:22

In the early Church, at their baptism, a candidate was chrismated - that is anointed with oil - as a sign and seal of the Holy Spirit. Later, the practice of chrismation became separated from baptism and was often delayed until a child had reached the 'age of reason'. It was also seen as a way of connecting the person with the Bishop (as baptisms came to be performed by priests). Today, Confirmation usually takes place from about 15 years onward. It is often viewed as an opportunity for a person to publicly affirm the faith of their baptism (especially those baptised as infants or young children). 

The Bishop will be conducting a Confirmation service during CHAC@5 on 12 September. 

Admission to Holy Communion 

Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me

1 Corinthians 11:25

Holy Communion, also referred to as Eucharist, commemorates the meal Jesus had with his friends on the night before he died. At the supper, he blessed bread and wine and shared it with them saying that the bread was his body and the wine was his blood which would be given for us. He asked us to do this in memory of him. At the Eucharist, we remember that Jesus' life and teaching called us to a new relationship with God, and thus a new way of life. The Eucharist is unique to the Christian tradition but is connected with the story of the Jewish people. 

All baptised Christians are invited to receive Communion whenever it is offered. However, historically, there have been practices whereby it was reserved for those who had been Confirmed, typically at the age of 15 years or older. Other practices have centred around offering young people, who were aged around seven or older to be 'admitted to Communion' after prayer, reflection and teaching.

Br Nathan-James will be conducting an Admission to Communion service during CHAC@5 on 8 August. 

CHAC@5 Services 

  • 28 March 
  • 16 May
  • 13 June 
  • 8 August - focus on Baptism and Admission to Communion 
  • 12 September - Bishop will be conducting Confirmation 
  • 17 October - blessing of pets