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Australian Science Olympiad Exams

Australian Science Olympiad Exams

Author: Gay Ellyett
Author Role: Coordinator Exceptional Scientists' Program

Rebecca Leonard (Year 11) decided to sit the 2020 Australian Science Olympiad Exams after sitting them as a Year 9 student two years ago. Approximately 1,000 students from all over Australia registered for the biology, chemistry and physics exams.

To be eligible to sit, students must be 15 years or above at 1 January in the year of the Australian Science Olympiads Summer School and not have completed Year 12. The exams test knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and their application in contemporary contexts, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and the skill of scientific inquiry. Each two-hour exam is designed to select the top students in each discipline to attend the Australian Science Olympiads Summer School. This year, the exams were administered in an online format for the first time.

Ever since commencing at the College in Year 7, Rebecca has shown an exceptional interest in science. She has taken up every opportunity offered to her by the Exceptional Scientists’ Program and has found extra initiatives of her own, which the College has supported. Rebecca currently studies all three science disciplines and chose to sit all three exams. She stayed back after school until 6pm for three days in the week prior to her Unit 2 Block exams. This demonstrates remarkable commitment.

The top 10 per cent of students are awarded High Distinctions, the next 20 per cent Distinctions and the next 30 per cent Credits. Rebecca gained a High Distinction in physics, a Distinction in biology and a Credit in chemistry. This is a commendable effort and I know I speak on the part of the entire College community when I say we are immensely proud of her.